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Mendle Adams: “Ol’ Man Adam & His Chil’un”
Friday, April 1, 2016

Mendle Adams: “My Grandfather’s Notebook”
Friday, January 17, 2017

Philip A. Anderson: “Paste Papers”
Friday, December 9, 2016

Geoffrey Barnes: “The Very Political Science of Climate Change”
Friday, March 24, 2017

Jeff Belkin: “The Centenary of The Balfour Declaration”
Friday, November 17, 2017

Ed Bernetich: “Dr. Suess”
Friday, February 19, 2016

Ed Bernetich: “Famous Opening Lines”
Friday, November 11, 2016

Tom Davis: “The 2016 Nobel Prizes in Physics & Why it’s a Bad Time for Science”
Friday October 13, 2017

Tom Davis: “The Nobel Prizes in Science 2015”
Friday October 2, 2015

Sandy Ellis: “Operation Mincemeat”
Friday December 11, 2015

Hamilton Emmons: “Sir Isaac Newton”
Friday February 27, 2015

Ralph Gwatkin: “Rubáiyát of Omar Khayyám & The Parthenon Enigma
Friday March 6, 2015

Peter Haas: “History of the Middle East, Part II: Islam”
June 5, 2016

Peter Haas: “History of the Middle East, Part III: Who are the Arabs?”
June 12, 2016

Peter Haas: “History of the Middle East, Part IV: Nationalism”
June 26, 2016

Arnold Hirshon: “Broadway Flops”
February 24, 2017

Rod Keen & Pete Cavano: “Stephen Foster Songs Recital & History of His Life”
March 10, 2017

Rod Keen Pete Cavano: “Stephen Foster Songs, Part II”
January 26, 2018

Albert Kirby: “Choosing Elites”
September 30, 2016

Eric Kisch: “A Dangerous Namesake: Egon Erwin Kisch in Australia, 1934 to 1935”

Eric Kisch: “The Rise & Fall of Jews in Germany”
February 26, 2016

Eric Kisch: “Musicality – or What Separates the Excellent from the Good”
November 13, 2020

Irv Kushner: “The Bayeux Tapestry”
May 12, 2017

Irv Kusher: “The Binghams”
May 27, 2016

Phil Kushner: “USS Central America”
March 17, 2017

Gordon Landefeld: “Natural Gems of Ohio, Part I”

Gordon Landefeld: “Natural Gems of Ohio, Part II”
March 31, 2017

Donald Mann: “Government Incursion into Colleges & Universities”
October 21, 2016

Ted McMillanPaul Williams: “John Hay, Part I”
April 21, 2017

Ted McMillanPaul Williams: “John Hay, Part II”
May 5, 2017

Ted McMillanPaul Williams: “Leadership Styles”

Ted McMillan Paul Williams: “The Next Installment of the Mather Saga”
February 23, 2018

David Novak: “The History of Book Illustration”
Sunday April 17, 2016

David Novak: “An Occasional & Short History of the Private Library”
September 18, 2017

David Novak: “Spring Library Tour”

Joseph Peter: “Modern Figurative Sculpture”
February 19, 2021

John Rampe: “My Summer Vacation: A Semester at Oxford University”
October 6, 2017

Doug Rose: “Extreme Collecting: Shakespeare’s First Folio”
October 28, 2016

Doug Rose: “William Morris”

Jim Schilling: “Bomber Harris”
October 14, 2016 

Jim Schilling: “Soldier Poets of the Great War”
November 16, 2018

Jim Schilling: “The Quantum Magicians”

Terry Shockey: “The Illustrated World of Lynd Ward”
January 27, 2017

Larry Siegler with Ned Siegler

Ned Siegler: “The Korean War”
September 29, 2017

Edward Sivak: “On Wind Ships”
December 11, 2020

Tom Slavin: “A Saturday Afternoon with Tony Phelps”
November 10, 2017

Arthur Stupay: “Inequality”

Ed Vermue: “Hands On at the Oberlin Library”
May 25, 2016

Rob Ware: “Human Progress”
February 17, 2017

Rob Ware: “The Battle of Agincourt”

Chris Whipple: “Camp Cleveland”
December 5, 2014

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