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The Rowfant Club Library comprises over 8,000 volumes, including many rare and special collections. The Library’s holdings includes works of, and that are related to, incunabula and early printing, manuscripts, books from private and fine presses, books with fine bindings, books about books, books with Cleveland and Ohio connections, books with a provenance important to the Club (such as Rowfant authors and a complete collection of The Rowfant Club Publications), books relevant to the history of Rowfant and to the history of private book clubs in general, and the works of specific authors (such as Frederick Locker-Lampson, Walt Whitman, Robert Louis Stevenson, Samuel Johnson, James Boswell, John Hay, and Charles W. Chesnutt and his circle).

Work has begun to complete the cataloging of the entire Library collection.  You can search the catalog for those items for which the cataloging has been completed.  Please check back regularly as new cataloging records are being added on a regular basis.

For more information about the Library, or to see an item in the Library, contact the Rowfant Club Librarian, David Novak.

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